When winning matters...


We provide complete state and federal trial and appellate representation, arbitration, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution services. We counsel and represent clients in administrative proceedings, including regulatory investigations and hearings. We understand and respect our clients' budgets and deadlines We emphasize efficient case management, good and clear communication, and adherence to our clients' goals.

Our litigators offer accomplished legal services in areas of corporate and commercial litigation and dispute resolution, including:

·       Breach of contract

·       Fraud

·       Bankruptcy

·       Securities

·       Tax and tax appeals

·       Insurance coverage and collection

·       Intellectual Property

·       Temporary Restraining Orders

·       Injunctive Relief

·       Specific Performance

General Business

We represent corporate clients and the interests of shareholders, management, and/or individuals in litigation:

·Governance disputes among partners or shareholders

·Creditors and debtors in loan workouts, enforcements, collections, foreclosure proceedings, bankruptcy, and insolvency

·Intellectual property protection of trade secrets, trademarks, trade names, service marks, and copyright

·Uniform commercial code disputes in contracts for the sale of goods and secured transactions

·Regulatory compliance and investigations, filing and permitting

Commercial Agreements and Contracts

We are experienced in:

·Negotiating and documenting distributorship, sales representation, and franchise agreements and programs

·Equipment sales and purchase agreements, as well as equipment leasing

·Requirements and supply contracts

·Manufacturing and turnkey agreements, technology licenses, and joint ventures

·Field service agreements and extended warranty programs

·Terms of purchase and sale

·Government contracts

·International contracts and transactions

Employment Matters

Representation in disputes between management and employees arising from claims of wrongful termination and discrimination.