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International Business

Our International Business Team has experience representing U.S. and non-U.S. clients in cross-border commercial transactions.

Our team provides quality legal counsel in corporate finance, tax, intellectual property, and other areas and has experience in their respective fields and in issues presented by international business transactions.

The team is organized by major geographical areas. We assume responsibility for substantive areas, such as international, anti-bribery, antitrust, arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, product distribution, tax planning, and technology transfers, as well as import regulations and export controls. 

The International Business Team members provide special legal counsel regarding the multilateral agreements of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the strategic opportunities the WTO rules provide for our firm's clients.

An International Practice Built on Specialized Training and Experience

Our international practice is worldwide in scope. The specialized training and experience of the attorneys on the International Business Team enable our firm to provide prompt and complete advice in the following substantive areas:

Commercial Transactions

Our expertise in import/export transactions includes the preparation and review of international sales agreements, foreign source production agreements and agent and distributor agreements, advice regarding U.S. export control and anti-boycott laws, international competition policy, export finance, international payment procedures, foreign exchange matters, global customs laws and procedures, and international transportation.

Customs and Import Regulation

The members of our International Business Team provide advice concerning classification and valuation of imports, as well as entry procedure; advice concerning the applicability of the customs preference programs, free trade zones, and agreements; and preparation and submission of customs protests and relevant appeals. We also provide representation before the U.S. Customs & Border Protection and the U.S. Court of International Trade, as well as representation in International Trade Commission proceedings.

Licensing and Technology Transfers

Our expertise in licensing and technology transfer includes preparation, review, and negotiation of license and technology assistance agreements; advice regarding U.S. and international regulation of technology transfers; and assistance in registering patent, trademark, and other intellectual property rights abroad and in the United States. Our advice also involves antitrust and tax aspects of licensing and technology transfers and guidance on new legislative and regulatory developments as they affect intellectual property.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures

The International Business Team provides planning, structuring, negotiating, and preparation of documentation for transnational mergers and acquisitions and international joint ventures, including all related tax, antitrust, and regulatory advice regarding such transactions.

Direct Foreign Investment

Our counsel to non-U.S. clients regarding real estate, portfolio, and other direct investments in the United States includes advice with respect to relevant tax and regulatory issues. In addition, we counsel U.S. clients wishing to establish operations abroad, including assistance with organization and operation of foreign subsidiaries, advice on tax, investment incentives and local sources for capital formation, and overall planning of global manufacturing, marketing, and distribution operations.

International Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution services include advice on mechanisms for resolving disputes in international agreements, choice of arbitration systems, representation before international arbitration tribunals, assistance in litigation proceedings outside the United States, and execution of international judicial and arbitration awards.

International Tax and Estate Planning

We provide counsel regarding U.S. and international tax treatment of non-U.S. personnel in the United States and of U.S. personnel abroad; tax planning for import/export transactions, license and technology transfers, joint ventures, business, and real estate acquisitions and non-U.S. subsidiaries; advice regarding use of finance subsidiaries, self-insurance subsidiaries, and other offshore corporations; international estate planning, administration, and taxation; and tax strategies for international operations.

Multiple Language Capabilities and Communications Facilities

Our attorneys and support staff members are fluent in various languages. The existence of this competence often reduces the cost of an international transaction and maintains the confidential treatment of client transactions.